Sunday, March 4, 2012


Ben asked me to marry him on January 2nd at Chena Hot Springs.  I couldn't have thought of a better place.  He plopped me on a rock and asked "Will you marry me?"  I said "What? You're not on your knee!" He got down on his knee in the water (he's a tall guy so his head and chest wasn't submerged) and asked me again.  I said "Yes!"  The wedding is planned for July 28th in Michigan, so both of our families will be able to attend.  We'll have a Bethel party when we get back in August too for all of our Bethel friends and family.

My friend Alisha and I went into Anchorage this past weekend to go dress shopping.  I found "The One."  Already ordered and sent off to Michigan.  I won't see it again until July when I fly back home.  My friend Jess, Matron of Honor, will be safe keeping The Dress for me.

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