Sunday, March 4, 2012


Ben asked me to marry him on January 2nd at Chena Hot Springs.  I couldn't have thought of a better place.  He plopped me on a rock and asked "Will you marry me?"  I said "What? You're not on your knee!" He got down on his knee in the water (he's a tall guy so his head and chest wasn't submerged) and asked me again.  I said "Yes!"  The wedding is planned for July 28th in Michigan, so both of our families will be able to attend.  We'll have a Bethel party when we get back in August too for all of our Bethel friends and family.

My friend Alisha and I went into Anchorage this past weekend to go dress shopping.  I found "The One."  Already ordered and sent off to Michigan.  I won't see it again until July when I fly back home.  My friend Jess, Matron of Honor, will be safe keeping The Dress for me.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ice Road to Akiak

Took a trip with Ben and Suka up the Kuskokwim the other day.  It was beautiful!  We passed by Kwethluk, Ackiachak and Akiak.  Tuluksak was a bit far away and the sun was going down fast.  The sun comes up around 10:30 and sets around 5:00.  We're gaining daylight now though.  About 9 second a day...?  We stopped in Akiak to check out the airport and use the "bathroom."  They built a very nice school there I didn't know about.  It had a small green house as well.  We went on a bit farther up river and spotted a red fox and moose tracks.  Overall, I think we went 80 miles round trip.  So, in the picture is Suka and I next to Ben's red Toyota.  It's a sturdy little truck.  Starts up every time even in -20 weather.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Most Gorgeous Weekend

We couldn't have asked for a better weekend.  Sunny and warm with little bugs.  I think I got an overdose of vitamin D... so that should last me for the next 45 days of straight rain.

Alisha and I took quite a few walks this weekend and took some pictures of the fog that would not lift until after 12pm.  We also got to see a fogbow... when the fog/mist creates an arch... but without the color.  It was pretty interesting to look at.  I wonder what is at the end of a fogbow....

There was some bad news this weekend.  On one of our walks, my dog Suka was attacked by a dog 5 times his size.  We were so surprised!  This dog came running from the other side of the road and pounced on Suka.  I was shocked for a second or two, then got my wits about me and threw my coffee at the offending dog.  It separated them for two seconds then they were at it again.  I made kicking motions and stomped toward the fight scene and the dog finally got off of Suka.  I was so furious.  I walked up to the house where the dog came from and had a talk with a gentleman (who was not the real owner, but he apologized and even offered to refill my coffee).  He was put back in his cage and we walked on.  Suka is fine, by the way.  He just got a little puncture by his manhood area.

I think it might be a good idea to keep my cell phone on me to call the dog catcher whenever I see a dog off it's leash.  I'm tired of people not being responsible pet owners.  Keep your dogs on a leash, in your house, or in a cage.

On a lighter note, my Yankee Candle box came in and made my weekend.  I ordered some fall scents since I can't be home for fall.  I have one lit now called orange spice.  Smells wonderful.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Village Trip

Just got back from an awesome village visit with Vicki.  Erin, Angie, Mark and I took a trip out to Akula (sp?) to visit our friend.  We were supposed to go kayaking and camping... but the weather was kind of yucky and we found other fun things to do.  We spent most of our time singing, dancing, talking, and eating.  It was the perfect Labor Day vacation!

Plus, Vicki's house is decorated so awesomely.  When you walk into it, you can tell she lives there.  When I got home on Monday night, I immediately started cleaning my house and thinking of things to change or buy.  I walked to the AC store to buy some groceries and took a look around the "hardware" area for hooks, wall hangings, and other fun house stuff.  But, of course they didn't have anything.  I'll have to wait for the weather to clear up to walk to Swanson's.

So, thank you Vicki for giving me inspiration for my house! :)

I also had grand plans today to walk to the post office, but the hurricane force winds hindered me from walking.  I wanted to return a shirt from Eddie B., and mail my brother's birthday card.  He'll be 13 on Sept. 9th!  He'll finally be a teenager!  Hopefully, when I go home for Christmas, he'll still want to give me hugs and kisses.

And, today was the start of my grand jury.  I was picked to be on the jury, and not an alternate.  Also, I shall be the foreman-forewoman.  Nobody was volunteering so we were sitting around waiting... and I just thought, well, if I volunteer then we could go to lunch a little earlier.  So, I'm on my lunch break now, doing a quick blog.  When there's time, I'll post some of the pics from our weekend.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thank goodness for no fleas in Alaska!

So I am back home after roaming Michigan for the past 29 days.  I left beautiful 85F sunny, muggy weather to come back to 50F cloudy, misty/rainy weather here in Bethel.  Ah, sure it's great to be back.  It's good to see that my plants did not pass away while I was gone (although I did leave them outside for nature to take care of... and a friend was in charge of watering a few).  The grass is a little long 'cause my landlord hasn't had time to mow it yet (he's probably been too busy out on the river).  I notice that their boat is gone for most of the evening.

It's nice to be back in my home, in my own bed.  I missed my bed, even though it is an air mattress (the most comfiest air mattress you could ever lay on).  The last few days at my mom's house, I had to sleep on the downstairs couch because my bedroom was infested with fleas!  Not from Suka, but from my sister's cat.  My sister had her cat living up in the room raising a small liter of kittens and spreading her fleas all over the carpet.  Suka took his medicine during our trip so I wasn't that worried about the fleas... until he started itching.  It was the funniest thing!  He's never experienced fleas before and he would itch himself then look at his foot to see what the hell was going on.  I took pity on him and gave him a few flea baths.  I haven't noticed any emigrants on him, so I think we've killed them off.  Thank goodness!  I hate fleas.

I have been trying to finish this online reading fundamentals class that I started last fall.  It is incredibly boring and not very interactive.  I guess that's what I get for taking an online class.  You basically read the material and take an exam.  I've done two of five exams... and I hope to be finished by the time school starts.  One good thing about these online classes, you can pick your own timeline to complete the course... so thank goodness I gave myself a full year to complete it!  And early next week I hope to travel into my classroom and begin rearranging my area.  That is my favorite part of the year... at the beginning where you can reorganize your room and make improvements from last year.  I'd like to be really ready this year since I will be starting kindergarten again.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pontoon Alley on Wixom Lake

It was the 4th of July and Wixom Lake was completely full!  Boats were everywhere.  Kids were tubing and flying off into the water.  College kids were drinking up a storm and listening to loud music.  And, my family is in the pontoon, slathering up sunscreen and getting ready to wade in the water.  No matter who much sunscreen we put on though, our skin got burnt!  I mean, look at the picture with my Aunt, and sister Lydia.  She is toasted!  I got a little red, but I continually put lotion on it because I really hate to peel.

We had such a great time.  The weather was perfect, the sun was warm, I was sucking down water and watching beautiful men stroll by :)  We stayed out there for the whole afternoon.  The only reason we had to go in was because my sister Lydia made my cousin watch her kids, and we've been out on the boat for at least 5 hours... so we felt a little guilty for staying out so long.

So, after our long afternoon out on pontoon alley, we spent the rest of our night watching fire works, kicking the bonfire, lighting sparklers, drinking, laughing, and spending time together.  The 4th of July is like Christmas at my Grandpa's house.  Everyone comes over!  Even the neighbors were bringing their guitars over and joining in the unexpected bout of singing Beatles and country songs.

As far as food goes, I found these gigantic marshmallows that are three times the size of a regular marshmallow.  Of course I had to buy them.  These marshmallows required two full graham crackers and at least five pieces of chocolate.  We had to make sure to cook them 'til they were bloody burnt, or else the inside of the marshmallow would not be mushy enough to squish down.  They were pretty fun to eat.  One of these was enough to fill me up on s'mores for the whole night.  Delicious!

Good Times with the Dogs

Suka had the most awful plane ride experience.  I thought I sedated him enough, but two pills did not work.  So, on the way home, I will be giving him at least three pills to calm his butt down.  He wouldn't stop panting the whole first week we were home.  But now, with only a few days left in Michigan, I think he's gotten used to the weather.

Here is a picture of my brother with our dog Annabell.  She is a slobbery boxer with little social skills.  She wanted to play, sniff, and jump on Suka.  Suka, of course, did not like this and acted like he wanted to bite her head off.  So, we never put them in the same room together.  Suka did get along with other dogs after a while.  He seemed to like the smaller kind.

Everyone loved Suka though.  My family wanted to keep him and let me take the annoying beagle.  I said no, I love my Suka.  Although I did not love him this morning when I had to give him a flea bath!  I don't think his Frontline medicine is working.  He doesn't seem to be itching a whole lot, but there are fleas all over his body.  I gave him a bath this morning and I'll probably give him another couple before we leave.  The last thing I want is to have fleas in my house.  I hate fleas!  I guess this is one reason to live in Alaska... there are no ticks or fleas :)